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You should always check on the Vietnamese Government Website to ascertain your Visa requirements  

If you require a Visa the best method is to visit a Vietnamese Embassy to obtain your valid Visa before you begin your travel. 

However this is not always possible. The alternative is to use the Internet and obtain a "Visa On Arrival."

What is the Visa on Arrival? 

You will receive your Visa at your arrival airport. The length of your stay will dictate the cost. The Vietnamese Government Website will tell you the cost.

How to get the Visa on Arrival:

There are many companies offering this service. So go to one of the Websites and follow the procedures.

You will receive “Approval Letters” by email from the Vietnam Immigration Department. It is imperative that you print and retain these letters with your passport. These letters are not the Visa. Two passport size photos are also required.

On arrival in Vietnam you will be asked to complete an application to which you will need to attach one of your passport photos. Please carry a pen, these are not always available at immigration.

You will be required to pay a fee at immigration to get your Visa. If possible you should always try and pay in US$. However most other currencies are accepted. 


If you need a Visa and do not have one or the "Visa On Arrival" letters you will be refused permission to board your flight to Vietnam. 


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